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Everyone has a different idea about what proper maintenance entails. The fact of the matter is, opinions and maintenance requirements change as the technology in the cars and trucks we drive continues to advance. What works for your Ford may be vastly different than what works for a friend's Chevrolet. That's why the team at Castrol Premium Lube Express & Car Repair Centre has gathered a few of the questions that frequently come up in the shop here for your clarification. If you have a question you don't see answered here please don't hesitate to contact us.

How often should I change my engine oil?

Most vehicle manufacturers recommend every 3 months or 5000 km for conventional oil. Synthetic oils can last for 8000 km.

See owner’s manual for vehicle specific intervals or call us for details.

Should I change my transmission OR radiator fluid?

Yes. Just like engine oil, this fluid breaks down over time and should be changed regularly.

See owner’s manual for vehicle specific intervals or call us for details.

How often should I replace my engine air filter/cabin air filter?

Under normal driving conditions the filter should be replaced every 24000 km or yearly.

*More often in dirty driving conditions.
See owner’s manual for vehicle specific intervals or call us for details.

What does SAE 10W30 or SAE 10W40 mean?

The numbers come from a standardized industry scale from the Society of Automotive Engineers and describe viscosity oil flow through cold and warm temperatures.

Example: With SAE 10W30, the low number with the W (winter) or cold number, relates to how well it flows at low temperature. The second number 30 in this example indicates how well the oil will flow at a higher temperature.

What is the difference between synthetic vs. conventional oil?

Synthetic base oils have several additives that are especially blended. These additives improve the lubricating quality and perform better in the harshest of conditions and extreme temperatures. While synthetic oil can provide exceptional protection it still requires changing, but at a higher number of kilometres. Consult your owner’s manual for specific mileage intervals.

What about my warranty?

People seem to believe that in order to keep their warranty valid they must go to the dealer. In truth, this is not the case. At Castrol Premium Lube Express & Car Repair Centre we follow manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure your vehicle is maintained to warranty approved standards. Keep all your receipt to document that the work has been done should you have a warranty claim.

What is Fuel Injector Cleaning?

Over time varnish builds up in fuel injectors and can cause problems in the fuel system. By cleaning your fuel injectors on a semi-annual basis, you will restore the vehicles performance. The result will be better gas mileage.

What is a cabin filter and why should I change it?

The cabin filter traps contaminants, pollen and removes allergens in the air that enter into the passenger compartment. This is the air you are breathing while in the vehicle.

When should I change my fuel filter?

It should be replaced every 40,000 km.

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