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Trusted Tire Service in Peterborough

Proper maintenance of your tires is extremely important, and can be the difference between your overall vehicle’s performance and in some cases, your safety. We understand the importance of quality tires and quality tire maintenance. At Castrol Premium Lube Express & Car Repair Centre, we offer complete tire services here in Peterborough, open 6 days a week with no appointment necessary.

We have a number of tire services including Tire Swap, Tire Rotation, Tire Repairs/Leaks, Tire Balancing and purchasing and installation of new tires. We have a wide selection of brands of new tires for your car or truck, including; Michelin, Goodyear, B.F Goodrich, Bridgestone, Firestone and more!

Contact us for more details on pricing and our other tire services. 

We will work with your vehicle to ensure that you are riding on safe tires for any driving condition while extending the life of your tires through high quality regular maintenance. Whatever your tire needs are, we know we will be able to give you the type of service you require!

See below for more details on the services we offer:



Tire swap

Visit Castrol Premium Lube Express & Car Repair Centre for quick and convenient seasonal tire changeover. Our speedy service is perfect to guarantee your tire swap is quick and professionally serviced, so that you can drive confidently in any weather. Contact us today for more information on our tire swapping services. Open 6 days a week, no appointment necessary. 


From $64.95 for complete vehicle on rims.

From $28.95 ea. off rims



TiRE Rotation

Rotating your tires helps to extend the life of your tires by ensuring even wear throughout its use. The life span of an average tire is 7 years according to tire manufacturers and we recommend rotating every 12,000 km or so. After 7 years, you should have your tires inspected by a professional. Come in today to speak to one of our tire specialists to inspect your tires overall health.


From $64.95 for complete vehicle.



NEW Tires

Castrol Premium Lube Express & Car Repair Centre carries a wide selection of new car and truck tires from the brands you trust most including:

  • Michelin
  • Goodyear
  • B.F Goodrich
  • Bridgestone
  • Firestone
  • And more!

More Brands available. Please call for details and pricing.




Your tires are the only thing between yourself and the road and can be the difference between driving a safe and unsafe vehicle. No other component of your vehicle works harder to keep you safe, so why not take care of it? Tire repair and leaks must be dealt with the utmost care, and dealt with as quickly as possible to ensure safety. Our professional team can help with a wide variety of tire issues and have the experience to handle any tire repair or leak. 


From $34.95 each



Tire Balancing

Balancing ensures that each of your wheels are spinning as evenly as possible. An uneven balance can cause vibrations, uneven wear and even unsafe driving conditions. Bring your vehicle in today to get a proper inspection. 


From $14.95 each



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